About Us

Here at Dogs-Inc we pride ourselves on having all of the latest and greatest dog related jewelry, dog accessories & clothing and dog safety essentials all in one store!

As dog owners and lovers, my husband Tom and I were fed up of going to the store and only being able to pick up some dog food and a chew toy!

That is where we thought of Dogs-Inc! 🐾🐾

All your needs for Dogs - Incorporated in one store!!

We have every type of jewelry you would want, dog toys, T-Shirts & Hoodies, costumes and even safety items.

We even have our print center in sunny California where we print our latest designs on to clothing, mugs and phone cases. Have an idea for a design? Send it into us at and we can see if we can make it come to life!

I am so thrilled to have now been able to quit my day job and turn my passion into my life and give Dogs-Inc my full attention every day 😄

Our collection gets updated on an almost weekly basis at Dogs-Inc so if you are interested in receiving our newsletter free of charge, with the latest sales, discount offers, designs and hot products new to market then click on our home page and scroll all the way to the bottom and sign up with us :) 

Thanks, Jenny.